Advantage-Benefit Argument

Present and sell products successfully with the help of benefit-benefit arguments

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Advantage-Benefit Argument

The benefit-benefit argument is a strategy for the presentation phase of a product. But the advantage-benefit argumentation can also be used outside of the sales process to “sell” activities or even opinions.

This vehicle has a cruise control system. With this, the vehicle maintains the speed specified by the driver. This has the advantage that you can concentrate more on the traffic. For you, this means more safety on the road and you also save money on unnecessary fines for accidentally speeding.

I suggest we go to the cinema instead of watching the film at home on the sofa. The cinema has the advantage of the big screen that I can read the subtitles better. This means more comfort for you, since you can enjoy the film in peace without having to read me what's there all the time.

The advantage-benefit argument consists of four parts.

Product And Service

The product or service offered. In a non-sales context, it can also be an activity or an opinion.

  • This vehicle
  • The cinema
  • The water bubbler
  • This car


Performance features are information, facts and data of the product. These should be known in detail to the seller. Good preparation is essential for successful selling.

  • cruise control system
  • big screen
  • CO2 cylinder
  • Reversing camera with acoustic warning signal


The advantages of a product are its properties that enable the customer to benefit. These are positive consequences of solving a problem.

  • that you can concentrate more on the traffic
  • that I can read the subtitle better
  • that you always have fresh sparkling water at home without having to carry water crates
  • that you can see the area behind the car more comprehensively and much more easily


The benefit helps the customer to satisfy his need or expand his possibilities. It is a measure of contentment and happiness.

  • safety (on the road)
  • save money
  • Comfort
  • time saving

What Is A Need?

A need is the desire or desire for a product or service. This is more emotional . For example, there is a need for security or comfort. Consider Maslow's hierarchy of needs !

Demarcation Need - Need

In contrast to need, need hides the demand for a product or service that you need. This is more factual/rational . It's all about performance.

The Right Wording

In the benefit-benefit argument, it is important to effectively connect the product/service and feature with the benefit and benefit. For this purpose, connecting and bridging words can be used, such as "...and that means..." or "...and that gives you...".

The sparkling water maker with its CO2 cylinder has the advantage that you always have fresh sparkling water at home without having to lug around water crates. This gives you a high level of comfort and more time for the important things in life.
This car with a reversing camera with an acoustic warning signal has the advantage that you can see the area behind the car more comprehensively and much more easily. And that means a real gain in very convenient security for you.

The probability of closing is significantly increased if the salesperson repeats exactly the key terms used by the customer during the needs and requirements analysis in the presentation. As a result, the customer feels reinforced and confirmed in his decision to sell.

Examples (Tabular View)






Reversing camera with acoustic warning signal

More comprehensive and easier insight, less damage, more suitable parking spaces

Convenience, safety, costs, time savings

E Bike

Built-in engine

Little effort for high speeds

Comfort, (driving) pleasure, time savings

fully automatic coffee machine

Several program buttons

Various coffee variations can be prepared at the touch of a button

Convenience, time savings, enjoyment

robot lawn mower

Configurable mowing times

Lawn is mowed automatically at the desired times

Time saving, comfort, freedom

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