Criteria Of Good Learning

This chapter is about how the best possible learning success can be achieved for the participants.

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Criteria Of Good Learning

Make Sense

Participants learn better when they find meaning in learning the content. The trainer's task is to show all participants a meaning that is acceptable to them (possibly for each sub-topic).


The more senses are involved in the learning process, the better and more sustainable learning is possible. It is the trainer's responsibility to use as many senses as possible during training. In NLP ( Neuro -Linguistic Programming) the five senses are summarized with the help of the acronym "VAKOG " . The five senses are:

  • V isual (see)
  • auditory (hearing)
  • Kinesthetic (feel)
  • Olfactory (smell) and
  • G ustatory (to taste)


The more energy the trainer generates in the participants about the content, the better it stays in the participants' brains. The necessary energy can be awakened, for example, by evoking the following emotions in the participants:

  • joy
  • grief
  • aggravation
  • fear/anxiety
  • surprise
  • disgust


The use of the following methods can make it easier for participants to access and understand topics in the long term:

  • (Linguistic) images
  • reference stories
  • reference lists
  • networked Learning
  • mnemonic
  • acronyms
  • repetitions

Networked Learning Using The Example Of The List Of 10

Through the emotional linking of terms and activities, several "approaches" to one and the same situation arise in the brain. This can be illustrated using the list of 10 as an example.

The 10 list is about remembering any ten terms in the correct order. What at first glance seems difficult for most people is easily made possible by linking the terms to emotional activities (-> energy). In order to keep the order of the terms easy to remember, one numbers ten parts of the body (e.g. furniture, rooms or any other form of numbered list of objects would also be possible).

In the graphic below, body parts are numbered 1 through 10. Once you have memorized this with the associated number, remembering any terms in the correct order is no longer a problem.

For each concept you then think of a story, an image or an activity that generates energy. Complete!


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