The 5 Sentence Technique

5 steps to the perfect speech

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The 5 Sentence Technique

The 5 sentence technique is a method of rhetoric. With their help, you can prepare as well as possible for a speech or presentation. In a speech it is important to convince the people or listeners of what you have to say. That's why it's important to focus on the most meaningful points of the speech.

Preparation Of The Speech

The 5-set technique can also be used for assembly. This is how the speech is prepared in 5 steps:die Argumente dokumentieren

  1. structure the speech
  2. phrasing the speech
  3. practice the speech
  4. deliver the speech

1. Document The Arguments

For a convincing speech it is important to find the right arguments. Listeners are best persuaded by experiences, stories, vivid examples and factors of public life.

2. Structure The Speech

A good and convincing speech needs a clear structure. It should start with an introduction, followed by the main part and finally the conclusion. The 5-sentence technique can also be used for the structure.

How this can look like is described further below in the article.

3. Lay Out The Speech In Language

Short and concise sentences are a must for a successful speech. Rhetorical means should also be included. However, one should not overdo it. The speech itself should always sound fluent and understandable for the audience.

4. Practice The Speech

Here it is important to be able to present the speech as freely as possible. One should try to memorize the speech.

5. Deliver The Speech

The speech should be delivered fluently. It is important to look at the paper as little as possible. The audience follows with more enthusiasm and attention a speech that is delivered openly, fluently and with a lot of eye contact to the audience. An open posture and free speech prevent the audience from becoming bored.


When structuring a lecture or a speech, it mainly depends on what kind of speech it is.


An opinion is structured as follows:Einleitung in das Thema

  1. First argument
  2. Second argument
  3. Third argument
  4. Conclusion


  1. "Shorter blog posts are better than longer ones."
  2. "short and meaningful sentences"
  3. "Key statements are easier to remember"
  4. "Less time spent writing and reading"
  5. "Effectiveness"
Figure: the 5-sentence technique in the example of a statement

Pros And Cons Discussions

In the pros and cons discussion, the structure can look like this:

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Making the pro arguments
  3. Explain the counter-arguments
  4. Draw a conclusion
  5. Make an appeal


  1. "Speed limit on german autobahns"
  2. "fewer serious accidents"
    "less pollutant emissions"
    "less noise pollution"
    "less road wear"
  3. "fun driving fast"
    "faster to your destination"
  4. "Those who value safety and a lower accident record should vote for a speed limit."
  5. "The speed limit for German autobahns should be introduced!"

Persuasion Speech

The point here (as the name suggests) is to convince the audience and listeners of yourself and your speech. The outline should look like this:

  1. Explain the topic
  2. Bring up the arguments
  3. Express the reasons for the arguments and the topic
  4. Show benefits
  5. Align roll call


  1. "Coffee right after getting up in the morning is counterproductive"
  2. "Coffee creates restlessness in the body"
  3. "Release of the hormone cortisol, coffee increases inner restlessness due to its caffeine content"
  4. "The first coffee should be drunk about 3 hours after getting up, as the stress hormone cortisol is broken down in the body and the caffeine content keeps you awake"
  5. "No coffee in the morning after getting up!"


The 5-sentence technique is suitable for every possible situation in which you want to convince somebody of yourself or a topic. It can be used in both professional and private areas. Anyone who prepares for a conversation or a speech using the 5-sentence technique can assume that their message will be better received by the respective listeners. A self-confident and convincing charisma is another positive side effect of this method.

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