A Matter Of Perspective

Why it makes sense to think outside the box

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A Matter Of Perspective

Everyone has their own picture of the world. This image arises and develops over the course of a lifetime and is shaped and changed by education, experiences, social environment, etc., for example.

A person gains security through their own world view. People can assess people, facts and situations (quicker) with the help of their own rules and patterns.

Since everyone has their own view of a person, an issue or a situation, it often happens that two people are talking about the same topic and still have two different views. This is completely normal and can lead to interesting discussions. Healthy discussions are part of life and, in the best case scenario, broaden your own horizons and those of the person you are talking to.

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However, if both interlocutors insist on their point of view and cannot understand and understand the other's point of view, disagreements and conflicts arise.

Avoid Conflicts

In order to avoid conflicts and rigid opinions, it is helpful to change or broaden your perspective. It is beneficial to listen to the other person's point of view and try to understand their point of view. This sometimes gives you new knowledge and views that you hadn't even considered before. Another positive effect is that you open up, develop empathy and can also develop yourself further.

New Solutions

Even with your own problems and issues, it is often helpful to look at them from a different perspective. Most of the time we get so stuck in our worries that we feel overwhelmed and helpless. Talking to a neutral person gives you their perspective on things. This can produce new insights and solutions.


Everyone has their own view of things and believes their views are correct. Nevertheless, it makes sense to open up to new perspectives. You broaden your personal horizon so that ideas arise and new solutions to problems are found. In addition, the acceptance of other people and opinions is increased.

Of course, the views of the other person do not have to become your own. However, it is important to also allow other perspectives.

It's not always easy to give others the opportunity to express their point of view without interruption. But it's worth it. The more often you try to open yourself to the views of others, the larger your field of vision becomes.

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